The Future of Medicine – Data Monitoring and Analytics

The Future of Medicine – Data Monitoring and Analytics

The huge amounts of highly personalised data collected allows doctors to stop relying on periodic measurements and human memory, and move towards constantly updated hard measurements through continuous monitoring. The dramatic increase in the quality of information available for the doctors allows them to make better diagnoses and also retrospectively discern patterns and increase our knowledge of medicine.

Understanding the Customer

Private doctors in Singapore use the latest and most cutting-edge technology to perform medical procedures and patients from all over the world come here to get themselves treated. In fact, Singapore is 6th on the WHO list of 191 countries with the best health care systems, and Singapore medical tourism attracted 30% of all the people who went abroad for medical tourism in 2011. Despite this, the IT systems in private clinics are so archaic that as a computer engineer, I felt morally obligated to do something about it.

Introducing Klinify

Doctree is now Klinify.

And the change is much deeper than just the name. Our past year has been an incredible journey and our product and vision have evolved significantly. After speaking to doctors in over 60 clinics to understand why they still used paper based patient records, we were led to Da Vinci’s age old saying – “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Design Principles -> Making them up as you go along

My take on design is not cynical. I think it both vital and unbelievably important for the success of a product that it has aesthetic appeal and ease of use. To avoid the cliché I will not start this article by quoting Jobs and give you the obvious example of Apple products as the epitome of design. Good design existed before the iPhone and hopefully will continue to do so much after smartphones go out of fashion.

WordPress on Postgresql

Inspired by our friends at Semantics3, we thought it was a good time to start sharing and documenting our journey to build a portal that simplifies healthcare.

I wanted to use wordpress to set up this blog but it supports only the Mysql database and the wordpress development team is not looking to port it to other databases anytime soon.