WordPress on Postgresql

Inspired by our friends at Semantics3, we thought it was a good time to start sharing and documenting our journey to build a portal that simplifies healthcare.

I wanted to use wordpress to set up this blog but it supports only the Mysql database and the wordpress development team is not looking to port it to other databases anytime soon.

We use Postgresql at Doctree. Because it is open source, and Shiv learnt a lot about it in his database course and during his GSoC project with Postgresql. Infact, many of our choices have been influenced not by the coolest technology around, but whether one of us was an expert in using it.

Like PHP for example. In a poll on hacker news, Java just about beat PHP as the most hated language. I have been using PHP for a while, and I definitely dont hate it, although I agree it can get rather unstructured at times. But that is easily solved by using Frameworks (we are using Zend). We did explore using ruby / python, but ultimately we figured it was best using technologies we were most comfortable with.

We are a just starting up, and our primary focus is to build a workable prototype (that doesnt compromise on security) as quickly as possible. Once we have more resources at hand, we can always redo chunks using the best available technology.

That  bring us to the title of this post. How do you set up WordPress with a Postgresql backend? Using this wonderful plugin : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/postgresql-for-wordpress/