My experience at Klinify

The first time I walked into the Klinify office was in early May to interview for a developer internship. Nishanth & Krish put me at ease by having a candid conversation with me about my experiences, interests and expectations (over a particularly magical cup of JFDI coffee). After the preliminaries, we decided that I would start 2 days later.

Having worked previously in a large audit firm, I was used to the idea of the first few days of work being spent learning the ropes and speaking to employees. My first day in Klinify was very different. For starters, I was actually writing code and giving my opinions from day one! The rush of actually contributing code to a product that would end up being used by doctors every day was exciting. Nishanth’s technical guidance, openness to discussion and his encouragement also egged me on. After a fast-paced day one, we all relaxed over drinks in the evening. I decided it was going to be a fun month.

And it was! Aside from learning a LOT about Android and C#, I got good insight into why certain design decisions were made, how to find out what users wanted, and the importance of focusing on simplicity of design. I also accompanied Nishanth and Krish on visits to hospitals where we met with doctors and discussed their feature requirements. As my internship progressed, not only did I make some great friends, I started to became more and more involved and really felt like I was part of the team. The internship put me in a great environment to improve my technical skills, and learn about networking, understanding user requirements and how a company grows in it’s early stages.

Despite the pressure of being in crunch mode and all of us working on overdrive, we all managed to stay calm and keep making progress. The month went by faster then I would have liked, but it left me content and confident about what I want to do in life. I am happy to say, I’m still in close contact with the Klinify team and am thrilled about the successes the company has been having. My month with Klinify was an experience I will always cherish.