Introducing Klinify

Doctree is now Klinify.

And the change is much deeper than just the name. Our past year has been an incredible journey and our product and vision have evolved significantly. After speaking to doctors in over 60 clinics to understand why they still used paper based patient records, we were led to Da Vinci’s age old saying – “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Doctors need to gain a patient’s trust within 30 seconds of seeing them. At the same time, they also need to quickly take down as much information about the patient’s medical history as possible.

Working with complicated software with forms and dropdowns in the midst of this is very frustrating and they eventually switch back to paper. Paper puts a low barrier between them and their patients, and writing is the fastest way they can take down information.

Rather than build a system based on specifications and force the doctors to adapt to it, we asked doctors about their biggest pain points and studied the various workflow processes that revolved around this problem. We then identified technology that could solve the problem without changing the natural workflow of the clinic. This means our solution fits into their existing workflow seamlessly; takes hardly any time to learn and immediately solves the problem that they care about most.

Doctors have their hands full as it is with saving lives and they shouldn’t have to worry abouts popups screaming about segfaults. They deserve systems that are reliable, simple and secure. We do just that.