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The very first post on this blog was about how cool I was to set up WordPress on PostgreSQL.

Today, after several weeks of struggle, I am writing about how stupid I actually was to set up WordPress with PostgreSQL.

So the reasons behind our earlier choice were these-

1. We had some past experience using PostgreSQL and as one often does, I decided to stick to it, thinking it would be easy to handle and manage.

2. PHP was compiled without mySQL (and it had taken me quite a while to build it from source with the right options as I like using latest versions), and it would have been a pain to reinstall PHP with mySQL.

3. We were a start-up and the primary focus was to get things running asap.

Well as it turns out, I was having a nightmare with bugs in quotation marks and escaped strings when I restarted blogging and upgraded WordPress. As a result, I couldn’t confidently delegate installing plugins or even just updating a blog-post to my non-tech co-founder. Basically, the whole point of using WordPress was defeated.

When I finally decided to let go of my “one database for everything” rule, it just took me a day to recompile PHP with mySQL (most of which was spent in waiting for “make” so I was able to get other stuff done as well).

At this stage, all our creative energy and effort should to be directed towards the “Klinify” product, in its customization, optimization or even re-imagination. All other peripherals like this blog ought to be set up in such a way that it is self-sufficient, and the only effort that is required in its operation should be the creative effort of writing a post such as this! If that means you recompile PHP / set up another server / not use, then that’s how it should be done!