Take a Break for Lunch

There is something we here at Klinify are guilty of, and it’s time for us to confess.

We have lunch at our desks.

Singapore boasts a general culture of over-working. This includes people doing ‘overtime’, and yes, having lunch at their desks.

While it may be considered an admirable trait to be so committed to one’s job, we have realised that having lunch at your desk is probably one of the worst things you can do as a working adult.

Dirty Desks

When was the last time you cleaned (and I don’t mean shoving unwanted papers down the throats of shredders) your desk area? Your desk might be harvesting far more germs than the average toilet bowl, studies have shown.

That, I must admit, turned me off the idea of food altogether, so you can be rest assured I didn’t have lunch at my desk today. Or anywhere else.

Lack of Exercise and Sunshine

Not leaving your office to have your meals deprives your body of basic exercise and nutrition in the form of Vitamin D.

To get to work on time, we leave our houses at the crack of dawn, and the culture of overworking only allows us to leave our workplaces past sunset. This minimalizes our exposure to sunshine, and in turn, Vitamin D. Use your lunch hour to take an hour off and bask in the glory of the sun!

Productivity Declines

Eating at your desk robs you of the break your body has been craving since the unforgiving excuse of a chair cradled your bottom in the morning. By choosing to focus on work instead of taking a break for your body and mind, productivity declines as the day passes on, and you will find yourself drifting off and counting the minutes till it’s least likely your co-workers might judge you for leaving.

(I knew all along that all I had to do to convince you folks was to whip out the horrifying phrase ‘decline in productivity’. Everything before that was just necessary preamble. I jest.)

The downward spiral of bad nutrition leading to a decline in national productivity

What should we do then?

Establish a ‘break’ culture

Start having lunches outside, and make sure it’s a break from your work.  Business lunches are also discouraged, for your mind doesn’t get the opportunity to disengage and relax before jumping into an afternoon full of work once again.

Have lunch with your colleagues as well; this way the idea of a ‘break’ culture will spread. Make sure not to engage in conversation regarding work issues!

Choose restaurants wisely

Choosing restaurants that are at least a 10-15 minute walk away ensures you 20-30 minutes of basic exercise under the sunlight. Remember to pick restaurants with healthy food though, you wouldn’t want your workout to go to waste.

We do hope to bump into more of you at the food court during lunch time. Oh yes, and before we go, please remember to clean your desks regularly!