Have you met Kien?

Donkey Kong has arrived at Klinify.

The self-reference is not without warrant though. Since Kien Pang’s arrival at Klinify, the application has made vast developments and advanced forward much faster than envisioned. In fact, the application is making its first full run at a clinic for a whole week, with doctors, nurses and administrative staff employing it full-on.

Besides being an IT enthusiast and absolutely marvellous at his job, the University of Western Australia graduate has a keen interest in travelling and has lived in Malaysia, Perth, San Francisco. Fortunately, Klinify has enticed him into staying in Singapore.

For the time being, at least.

Kien is also a food buff; another reason why we love him so much here at Klinify. In this office where everyone is either too busy working or pretending to work (for the few of us at least), Kien springs up from his desk at noon without fail every day and initiates lunch break. Lunch is made more exciting when Kien points out his new food finds, and since he’s joined Klinify we have not had lunch at the same place twice.

Now just try achieving that.

When did you join Klinify and how did you decide to join?

I joined Klinify late April but I was doing some contract work for Klinify on the tablet application before that. It was a pretty easy decision as I found the team to be a very approachable and driven bunch. Also, Klinify as a product in the medical field is both interesting and different from the industries I’m used to be in.

And we’ve loved every minute with you on-board! What’s a typical day like for you at Klinify?

I usually like to get an hour or two of work in early in the morning, then rock up at the office around 10-ish. I look through my to-do list that might require me to communicate with our outsource team, then dive straight into coding or testing of tablets.

Sounds like you’re an extremely motivated person. So what exactly does motivate you, and what doesn’t?

For work, I’d have to say, seeing doctors get excited about using the application and providing plenty of good feedback really keeps me going. Personally, I love traveling and meeting new people; it gets my creative juices flowing. Repeatedly doing the same thing over again is a real downer, ugh. That’s why I like variation in everything I do.

Speaking of variation, what’s the toughest decision you’ve had to make in the past few months?

Where to propose to my girlfriend.

That was really detailed, thank you Kien. We will just have to assume it went well. If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be and why?

Carl Sagan. He was an American astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, author. I’d love to meet him because he was an inspiring scientist who can explain in such an elegant way, the workings of the cosmos and the world beyond.

What superhero would you be and why?

I have no clue, so naturally I went online to answer a quiz, and I got Professor X 
“You’re a lover, not a fighter, although you could kick someone’s ass if you wanted to. You believe that true strength comes from being able to get stuff done without being a bully. Besides, you get more satisfaction from outsmarting someone than you do from inflicting pain on them, because anyone could do that. You’re better than that.”

Naturally, you had to answer a quiz. I have to say though, for an online quiz, the description does suit you pretty well. How would people communicate in your ideal world then?

As much as I’d love to say the electronic form is the best, face to face communication is still my preference. Genuine expressions provides the most accurate feedback.

Old school, nice. Lastly, describe yourself in three words.

Dreamer, compassionate and inquisitive.