Google Apps vs Singtel/Starhub

Hello doctors!

Today, I am going to share a dirty secret with you that will save you hours of your time on the phone with Singtel and Starhub.

You can sign up for Google Apps directly with no downside!

Viola! Our shortest tip yet, for your practice!

Let me elaborate:

I am sure you have come across this line a million times: “If you have forgotten your password, please call the support service hotline at blablabla.” Basically, our local ISPs package Gmail services with unnecessary addition junk and sell them to you at a much higher price.

Now, you can avoid this red tape by just signing up for Google apps directly.

Google Apps allows you to do everything that Starhub or Singtel provides at an incredibly reduced cost. It also comes with an easier interface and you will have a better control over your settings.

Direct support is also provided if you’re a paying customer (support that is much better than Starhub’s or Singtel’s), and there is absolutely no security downside! In fact, in some cases, it might actually be safer to use Google Apps directly instead of going through Starhub or Singtel.

So save yourselves the time, money and the risk of high blood pressure