Go Crazy with Advertising

When my cousin turned 21, he decided to throw himself a party. He booked a stunning location, ordered delicious food and hired a DJ for the after party. From 7pm that night, we waited for all his friends to show up to get the party started.  At 1130pm, my cousin, the DJ and I had had more than our fair share of tequila shots, while we reminisced about our past and pondered why no one had shown up.

Of course, we later realised that in the stress of planning his own birthday party, he had forgotten to send out the invitations.

This amusing mistake leads me straight to the topic of advertising. It really is like throwing a huge party and noting the number and type of people who show up, ‘cause the gifts going to be amazing only if the right people show up.

So here are some tips on advertising for small businesses:

Figure out your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience will save you a lot of precious time. Different people are interested in different ideas and identifying their interests will help you with reaching out to them in an easier manner.

Make sure you have an active website

In the era of technology, having a fully operational website is vital for the survival of your business. Research shows that at least 70% of people will check up on your website before visiting your premises. So remember to impress!

Look out for creative opportunities to advertise

For example, if you’re an ENT doctor, you could print bookmarks advertising your business and plant them in ENT related books at bookstores. (Of course, you would have to check with the bookstore beforehand. Advertise responsibly!)

Use Business cards to your advantage

Instead of merely printing your name and contact number on a white business card, try and make your business card a marketing strategy for you.

Here is a list of crazy business card ideas, to get you started on thinking of a creative idea of your own! Remember, people are more likely to remember you if you stand out.

Track your results

Lastly, as with any business, remember to track your results. This will assist you in figuring out the best methods of reaching out to your clients and satisfying them, while achieving optimal results.

Remember to reach out to the right group of people, and we look forward to seeing all sorts of creative and crazy advertisements out there. We wish you all the best with advertising!