Culture shock (or not) at Klinify

Please don’t visit the Klinify office on Fridays from 5pm to 6pm.

We are usually busy attending…meetings and stuff.

Okay, I couldn’t even type that with a straight face.

The expansion of our team (we’re up to 9 now!) has called for a reintroduction of Kickback Friday to Klinify. This means that every Friday, the team spends one hour at a group activity hoping to promote interaction amongst team members outside of the work space.

For instance, last week we had a session of pool and the week before, we went bowling. This week we are thinking of going for a session of Karaoke, only because our CEO has been taking singing lessons and promises to stun us with his vocal prowess.

All kidding aside, Kickback Friday is one facet of Klinify’s new approach. Our growing numbers and transition from product development to sales are exciting times for Klinify and hence, there was a pressing need for a review of the current systems and overall culture of the company.

These are some of the things that were agreed upon:


With the increase in the number of people at Klinify, a suitable method needed to be devised for the interaction of all members so as to avoid a divide between the product developers and sales divisions.


In order to avoid having back to back meetings that drag on endlessly, we have implemented a new system of having a maximum of one meeting a day that can’t drag on more than an hour. So we never have more than one company meeting in a day, and it never stretches longer than an hour. Sweet, huh?


You see a pattern here, I hope. Fridays are mainly bonding days for the company, and hence, the whole company has lunch together.


Our Health Officer, Tina, constantly promotes (forces?) a healthy lifestyle within the company. From coming up with the idea of installing a doorway chin-up bar, to introducing a fruits buying initiative that allows a constant flow of fruits in the office, Klinify has proven itself to be a true health-tech company (if you get my drift).


This is pretty self-explanatory. We understand that different people work better at different times of the day, hence, flexible working hours.

Klinify is going through an exhilarating change right now, and we are all very eager to see this transition through smoothly. Do feel free to drop us a suggestion or two if you feel they might be compliant with our culture goals.

Just not from 5pm to 6pm on Fridays though, we have an important, uh, thing.