Boost your Productivity

“My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather, have less to do.” – Francine Jay, Miss Minimalist

A colleague recently stumbled upon an article about productivity, Workstation Popcorn. We decided to experiment with the tips and realised that we were indeed more productive than usual.

The article speaks of ‘fake work’, something all of us are guilty of. We spend time browsing Facebook, or ‘checking’ emails, and at the end of the day we feel that instead of having progressed, we are now lagging behind on work to be completed.

This only exacerbates the feeling of dread the following day.

Workstation Popcorn, fortunately, has assisted us in having more productive days.

Tip #1: Create a list of things to do

Be specific about the things that need to be done:

1)      Write a 500 word blog post on productivity

2)      Reply emails to Dr X, Mr Y and Mrs Z

3)      Skype with Klinify to understand how product will ease my workflow

Don’t be vague about your tasks, for that will only increase confusion and the time required to accomplish said task.

Tip #2: Break up your list into 2 to 3 hour blocks, and list the estimated time required for each task:

Group 1 :

  • Skype call (30 mins)
  • Replying emails (45 mins)
  • Write Blog post (45 mins)

Total time: 2 hours

Group 2:

  • Plan menu for Klinfy Kickback Friday party (30 mins)
  • Follow Klinify on Twitter (1 min)
  • Send ‘You’re Amazing’ email to blog post writer (10 mins)

Total time: 41 Minutes

Make sure that the time allocated to each group doesn’t exceed 3 hours. We all have limited concentration spans.

Tip #3: Look for several locations that are ideal for working

Here is a list of Cafes with Free Wi-Fi in Singapore. There are many other Cafes and similarly suited locations in Singapore, just Google it!

Start the 1st group of tasks in the 1st preferred location. Once group 1 is done, leave that location and move to the next location to start on the next group of tasks.

Leaving enables you to get a well-deserved break, and some exercise, if getting to the next location involves walking or cycling. This is the time to browse Facebook, breathe in some fresh air, plug in the IPod for some tunes, or anything that might strike your fancy.

These are the tips that have worked for Klinify so far. Experiment with locations and time slots to find the ones most ideal for you.

Do you have any tips on productivity that have worked particularly well for you? Share with us in the comments section!